Late-stage 'Kong' Surge Salvages BO Premiere

    March 12, 2017—Kong; Skull Island opened to a so-so $61 million in domestic boxoffice for its premiere three day weekend, which trade publication Deadline says is a triumph given the $185 million-budget yarn was trending as a flop just a few weeks earlier.
   The Warner Bros. Pictures/Legendary Pictures film was headed a mid-40s million dollars opening when it first landed in pre-release tracking surveys. So the opening is about 35% higher than originally forecast. Just before release, tracking estimates nudged up to the high 40s, which translates to 28% under the $61 million actual.
   “To Warner Bros. and Legendary’s credit, they set to position Kong: Skull Island as a different kind of Kong movie; that was apparent in the Comic-Con trailer,” wrote Deadline’s Anthony D’Alessandro.
Warner's last-minute marketing push avoided a Kong flop

“…the fact thatWarner Bros. was able to raise Kong: Skull Island‘s fortune a bit is a testament to their last-minute marketing and PR efforts."
   The 35% hike in forecast highlights “tracking surveys’ that estimate box office for films six weeks before release. Just before opening weekend, tracking estimates had moved up to the high A 15% margin of error is considered acceptable, says the third edition of Marketing To Moviegoers.
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