'Joker' Trailer Presses Violence Buttons

By Robert Marich
   Sept 26, 2019—Movie marketers aim to create marketing messages that elicit an emotional response from consumers, and The Joker takes this notion to an extreme.
   A new trailer projecting film violence created a real-world uproar of worries that the Warner Bros. comic book adaptation of The
Edgy and violent, The Joker trailer is unsettling

Joker will trigger unbalanced people to acts of mayhem. A New York Post story (see below) quotes relatives of a 2012 shooting in a Colorado theater by an crazy person dressed up as The Joker from the Batman series that left a dozen people dead. The US Army even put out a warning. The giant Regal and AMC theater chains, and smaller Landmark circuit say they will deny entry to anyone dressed as a Joker character or with facepaint, because of fear of in-theater violence from nutjobs.
    Warner Bros. responded by denying it is inciting violence. Freedom of expression is an issue here too, folks.
    The backstory here is Warner Bros. is stretching to make its comic book characters from its DC Comics as successful in movies as Marvel Comics—its arch rival which Disney owns and milks for blockbuster movie adaptations. The Joker is from DC’s Batman character tree. To create a new wrinkle, it looks like Warner’s The Joker is less superhero and uplifting than the typical superhero adaptation.
   The Joker is scheduled to premiere Oct. 4.
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