India Imitates H'wood Film Merchandise

   Oct. 6, 2008 – Film outfits in India are dreaming about a new stream of revenue from merchandising their films by simply imitating Hollywood, according to India’s Economic Times.
   The article bandies about big numbers for Hollywood films saying merchandise licensees generate $16  billion from sales of movie themed items annually, but this figure is not sourced. That’s a lot of rupees! That might be close counting all Hollywood films and TV programs worldwide, and measuring at the consumer spend level.
   Whatever the Big Number for movie themed merchandise sold at retail, Hollywood filmmakers would probably see about 8%, once stores and licensees take a cut.
   “Though Bollywood has started to realise the potential of movie merchandising now, the revenues it has been able to earn from it are paltry,” says the article, which adds the few merchandise film deals so far have been unsuccessful.
   Citing a movie Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal, the article says “Reebok had tied up with UTV Motion Pictures to release merchandise based on the film, but the demand dipped when the Arshad Warsi-John Abraham starrer slumped at the box office.”
   “Right now all eyes are on Drona merchandise brought out by Zapak,” says the Economic Times. “These include a combination of games and toys, comprising two sword packs - Drona and Ritz - Magic Busters, Mind Masters, Mystery Shockers and Bully Zapper pack.”
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