IMAX Launches Virtual Reality at UK Theater

Nov. 23, 2017-IMAX opened what is claimed to be Europe’s first virtual reality experience in historic British movie theater circuit Odeon. The IMAX VR Experience Centre launched in Manchester, England at Odeon’s Trafford Centre movie theater.
   This bears close watch because of location-based IR (out of home) becomes popular, movie theaters around the globe will be faced

Is virtual realilty the Next Big Thing or just a passing fad?

 with a decision about whether to re-purpose screened auditoriums to VR.
   Besides a space-allocation decision, the matter is a big financial matter by reducing income-generating cinema auditoriums and making the capital-expenditures to them convert to VR. VR is an artificially-simulated audio/visual program that presents a three-dimensional sensation (depth) in which users can interact; typically, this requires users to wear special headgear.
   “The experience will feature a range of content, largely between 8 and 15 minutes in length, including Ubisoft’s Star Trek: Bridge Crew Rescue at Perseph and an IMAX Justice League exclusive from Warner Bros,” says a story in by Peter White.
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