H'wood Ad Agency Embraces Virtual Reality

July 9, 2015-A leading creative boutique for movie advertising established a virtual reality division, which will become a trend in Hollywood if VR catches on. Culver City, Cal.-based Create Advertising Group formed the VR unit whose inaugural assignment is Sony Pictures Can You Walk The Walk?
  The experience from the CreateVR unit ties into The Walk, which is a theatrical film about a Frenchman who did an unauthorized high-wire
The Walk movie poster

crossing on a rope strung between the two World Trade Center skyscrapers in 1974. Sony’s TriStar Pictures is scheduled to release the still-unrated movie Sept 30.
   The Can You Walk the Walk? experience recreates the thrill of the high-wire building crossing. So far, the VR technology has only been demonstrated to movie industry insiders but expect it to be rolled out as an out-of-home experience at equipped locations.
   “We believe virtual reality has the potential to become the next great marketing frontier,” David Stern, founder of Create Advertising Group, says in a press release. “Our job is to relate a brand to theVR world in an experience that feels organic and true to the source material.”
   Create Advertising worked on theatrical films advertising concepts for Fantastic Four, Get Hard, Avengers Age of Ultron, Netflix, Goosebumps, Hotel Transylvania 2, Minions, The Walk, and The Lego Movie. The creative boutiques devise messaging such as posters and TV commercials, but they don't buy advertising (which is handled by other types of advertising agencies).
   Says the third edition of Marketing To Moviegoers, “To get fresh ideas (for theatrical films), the major studios usually hire two to four outside creative boutiques—ad agencies that develop advertising materials—to develop a trailer…(And) the boutiques increasingly solicit creative assignments outside their core Hollywood work today as a cushion for downtime in the feast-or-famine movie business. The boutiques seek work for video-release campaigns, self-promotion image campaigns by television channels, casino advertising, and other leisure industries.”
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