Hollywood Awash In Consumer Data From Streaming

   March 29, 2019-Hollywood is on the cusp of being awash in data about consumer activities online from the direct-to-consumer revolution.
   A Variety story by Marketing to Moviegoers author Robert Marich says that Hollywood marketers will be awash in consumer data, so

sorting through will be a challenge. Marketers will need more smarts because cyberspace will get more competitive with major new streaming initiatives from Walt Disney Co. and Warner Bros. (now part of AT&T) now in the pipeline.
   The data will also provide insights on audience behavior and attitudes that should be useful to movie marketing, But it’s not clear how the new wave of cyberspace digital info will or won’t mesh with traditional analog theatrical marketing info—tracking surveys, pre-release test screenings of finished films and testing audience reactions to marketing materials like film trailers.
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