Heineken Stars In Next 007 Spy Film

By Robert Marich
   Sept. 14 2012-Beer company Heineken is rolling out a large tie-in with the next James Bond spy film Skyfall, months after it was learned that its beer will appear in the movie as a product placement. Heineken elbows out the martini that was a staple of the 22 earlier movies (“shaken, not stirred”).
   Sony Pictures is scheduled to release Skyfall domestically on Nov. 9; MGM is the home of the James Bond 007 films.
  Heineken will place ads promoting the movie and drive consumer traffic to an online game “Crack the Case” that is set on a train ride, which figures into the movie as well. A Heineken PR says that buzz will also be created by an online "teaser" that will be sent selectively to James Bond fans.
   “The 'Crack the Case' campaign will launch globally on multiple platforms on September 20th, through a combination of a new 60s film (TVC & online) with a personalized interactive experience,” says a press release. “Bond actress Berenice Marlohe invites viewers to help her crack open a mysterious briefcase and outwit the menacing villains - a challenge which encourages a virtual voyage of participation and discovery.”
  The “Crack the Case” campaign was created by advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam. Widen + Kennedy was founded in Portland, Oregon, and is best known for its Nike athletic gear ads.
  Heineken says its James Bond movie association goes back 15 years. The 007 spy films cited in the Heineken PR are with Tomorrow Never Dies, The World is Not Enough, Die Another Day, Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. The beer giant is very active in movie promotions and film festivals, including the Tribeca fest in New York.
   Regarding the Skyfall tie, Alexis Nasard, Chief Commercial Officer of Heineken says in the PR, “Not only a hero, Bond is the ultimate ‘Man of the World’ – confident, resourceful and ready for new experiences, personifying the values of the Heineken® brand.”
  Daniel Craig, star of the movie, was quoted as lamenting the loss of the signature martini drink in April, when the Heineken product placement became known. Some Bond purists are also griping, but the reality is the spy films have been shuffling tie-in consumer goods in the 22 prior movies of series. Most notably, the early 007 films featured Aston Martin sports cars but recent editions have used other brands, including BMW. It’s believed Heineken is putting $45 million in media to promote Skyfall.

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