Harry Potter Museum Exhib Fortifies Franchise

   Oct. 6, 2018-A Harry Potter movie hasn’t premiered in two years, but Warner Bros. and the author stoke the youth fantasy property with a museum-quality travelling exhibition hosted by high-brow institutions. The New York Historical Society presents “Harry Potter: A History of Magic,” whose reception indicates the book/movie franchise retains a hold on people’s imagination.
   Writes Wall Street Journal journalist Charles Passy, “The society gave its members first dibs at the time slots starting this February. The perk helped boost membership numbers, with
Yikes! It's a sphinx at the Harry Potter exhib

a 25% increase in the ranks since the Potter offering became available, officials said…. Already, most of the weekend times in October are sold out.”
          Writes Barbara Hoffman of the New York Post that “some of the 200-odd objects shown here, in 10 dimly lit rooms organized around the Hogwarts School curriculum: Herbology, Potions, Charms, Care of Magical Creatures and so on.” The exhibition was “imported from London’s British Library, where it sold out in the first 10 days of its three-month run” with over 175,000 admission
          It’s a $21 adult admission ticket in New York and the New York Historical Society says it spent $2 million setting up “Harry Potter; A History of Magic.”
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