Global Movie Sales Spurt in '12

By Robert Marich
   Jan. 21, 2013—Global movie spending by consumers in all media—cinema to video-on-demand—climbed 2.1% in 2012 reaching $62.4 billion, accelerating from a growth rate of 0.9% in 2011, according to an IHS Screen Digest Cross Platform Movie Market Monitor. In the theatrical window alone for 2012, spending rose 7% to $33.4 billion, in the data analysis from IHS.
   “Most important, growth for consumer spending on movies worldwide is recovering after declines across 2008 and 2009, with spending forecast to continue to rise by 2 to 3 percent every year from 2013 to 2016,” says IHS Screen Digiest.
   “Consumers were tracked on their movie spending and consumption across 37 countries in five different global regions via four delivery platforms,” said Tania Loeffler, analyst for video at IHS Screen Digest. “These platforms include theaters; the purchase and rental of physical disks on DVD and Blu-ray; pay-TV video-on-demand (VOD); and digital retail buys and rentals.”
  The Asia Pacific region, while smaller than North America and Western Europe, is nonetheless fast growing with a 12% hike in revenue from all media in 2012.
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IHS Screen Digest Figure: Worldwide Consumer Movie Spending in 2012 by Region & Market Share (Spending in Billions of US Dollars)
  Spending (US$, bn)  Market Share %
North America                                      25.6 41%
Western Europe                                      16.1 26%
Asia-Pacific                                      15.8 25%
Latin America                                         2.7 4%
Central & Eastern Europe                                         2.2 4%
Total                                      62.4 100%
Source: IHS Screen Digest Research, January 2013