Global BO Leader Disney Fields Small '17 Film Slate

   March 4, 2017-Watl Disney Studios dominate annual box office rankings but analyst Jan Dawson notes the major film distributor has a small movie slate for 2017.
   In 2016, Disney released 13 movies; this year Dawson counts eight, in a Variety writeup. The third edition of Marketing To Moviegoers says 16 is the major studio average for releases.  Disney’s slate includes the Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean film series.
   “Disney’s strategy over the last few years of focusing on fewer, bigger pictures has paid off, allowing the studio to target marketing,” Dawson write. “This year it’s taking that strategy to a new
Disney's global box office share of 25% towers over peers; Source: Jackdaw Research Analysis

extreme: All but one of its films are big-budget productions, which have to pay off if the studio is to maintain its high margins. With fewer films, Disney already risks a revenue decline; if one or more movies should disappoint at the box office, profits will decline even more.”
   The Variety story package include a nifty pie chart of 2016 global box office share for the six major studios and Lionsgate (Lionsgate is the largest indie film distributor). Disney has a whopping 25% market share within that universe of seven film distributors. There’s also a line chart of operating profit margins for the studios expressed as a percentage; seeing Paramount in negative territory explains why its studio chief just got pushed out.
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