Fox Flogs 'Martian' for Big Int'l BO

   Nov. 28, 2015-The Martian became a surprise global blockbuster based on a relatable human story of a likeable “every man” astronaut stranded with limited resources, coupled with 20th Century Fox working hard to sell the sci-fi yarn overseas.
   A story by Nancy Tartaglione notes that “Fox marketing team employed shots from the film of people around the
Fox emphasized the human aspect to the sci-fi thriller

world watching the rescue mission on TVs in big venues” to entice foreign audiences, extensively toured talent overseas and milked publicity from a formal promotional tie-in with World Space Week—a real celebration that associated the movie with actual science. In one example of a local promotion, Fox mounted spoof potato recipe contest in South Korea (the astronaut lives off potatoes that he grows on Mars) and making the real-life science connected with the story line fun.
  The Martian, whose global box office hit a stellar $488 million, “could have fallen victim to fall sci-fi fatigue,” says the Deadline story. But “international critics particularly responded to the comedy in the film. From Austria to Belgium, Denmark, France, Mexico, New Zealand and the UK, reviews pointed to the humor mixed with smarts — notably, the HFPA has granted it comedy status for Golden Globes contention.”
   The Martian, which cost an estimated $110 million to produce and stars Matt Damon, grossed $215 million domestically. It’s directed by Ridley Scott, who is a celebrated filmmaker with cult favorite The Blade Runner to his credit. But Scott’s films lately have been so-so at the box office, such as the more-costly Prometheus that took in a just-okay $126 million domestically in 2012.
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