Film based on novel leverages book audience

   Nov. 1, 2008 -- Supernatural romancer Twilight is relying heavily on viral marketing, including its own website with information and blogs from fans, to carry Summit Entertainment theatrical release Nov. 21 without a pricy paid-media ad campaign. The film is based on a novel that sold 17 million copies, so it has a built-in fan base.
   Notes an Advertising Age article, “When filming began in Portland, Ore., last spring, the location was frequently ringed by hundreds of Twilight fans who had traveled from several states away to see the shoot. Summit arranged to have send five bloggers to spend several days on the film’s set.”
   A big part of the fan base is mothers who find the book a good conversation piece with daughters, since the romance involves no pre-marital sex. “The lack of any hot…action has actually expanded its marketability, with many moms reading the books as a way to bond with their daughters,” notes the article by Claude Brodesser-akner.
   The book and PG-13-rated movie have vampire characters – the supernatural aspect – but they are restrained and there are no coffins or blood bath.
   Supernatural romantic films are big hits when the connect, such as Ghost starring Demi Moore and Patrick Swayse, which grossed a saggering $217 million domestically in 1990.

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