Fandango Tickets Through Facebook

By Robert Marich
   Sept. 16, 2016-Movie ticket onliner Fandango formalized and enlarged ticketing sales through Facebook, which is being hailed in news stories as a cinema landmark in cyberspace. The ticketing is only for select movies but there are plans to expand in the future.
   Facebook dispenses Fandango tickets in earnest in a week for the remake of The Magnificent Seven distributed by Sony Pictures, Kevin Hart: What Now? from Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. animated family film Storks. Digital ticketing will be integrated in Facebook so
users experience minimal interruption of their other Facebook activities.
   Fandango gains easy access to social media behemoth Facebook’s 1.13 billion daily users worldwide, of which 1.03 billion use their mobile devices daily. Fandango’s chief owners are the parent of Universal Pictures (media giant Comcast) and Warner Bros., which has a minority stake.
   However, my take is that any media commerce platform (like Fandango) that partners with Facebook surrenders some of its control of access to its customers. And it’s not clear how big a slice of ticket sales Facebook will take. A driver of the partnership is that Facebook had done an excellent job of planting its platform on mobile. And since moviegoing is an out-of-home activity, users are frequently using smartphones and tablets to find movie info and buy tickets.
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