Event Films Clog Movie-toy Pipeline

   May 1, 2017-Hollywood’s major studios are cranking out so many big-budget event movies that downstream film-related toys are expected to suffer from oversupply.
   “With a record 30 kids’ flicks coming out this year, all with toy tie-ins, retailers and manufacturers are betting big — maybe
The Cars film series is bouyed by strong toy merchandise sales

too big, some say — on Hollywood to ring up sales,” wrote Lisa Fickenscher in the New York Post newspaper. “With each blockbuster, a wave of gizmos and plush toys hit store shelves, barely giving kids and their parents time to savor or save up before the next flick unspools and its merchandise hits retail.”
   Separately, the Wall Street Journal counts 35 event films this year, versus 27 in 2012, such as a new Star Wars. Forty-one are planned for 2018.
  The NY Post article found one expert predicting the marketplace can absorb the crush of toy merchandise generated by films of so many tentpoles--broad-appeal popcorn movies. Jim Silver of TTPM, a toy-review Web site, expects domestic retail sales of $5 billion worth of movie-related merchandising sales from just eight movies this summer, with Spider-Man and Cars 3 attributing for $1 billion each. U. S. toy sales rose 5% last year to $20.4 billion, according to the NPD Group.
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