Embattled Tesla Film Gets Theatrical Release

   May 22, 2019—The Current War—about the real-life late 19th century industrial drama that shaped the world’s electrical grid—secured a autumn theatrical release date.
   The movie suffered from plenty of drama behind the scenes. There were dings from some film critics (dismissive puns playing off

A teaser poster for the aborted 2017 release

its theme of electricity after festival screenings), re-shoots (the cast showed up, which is not always the case), bankruptcy (its original home was the now-defunct The Weinstein Co.), mediocre audience reaction from an early fest screenings (the film was later revamped), sitting on the shelf unreleased (for two years!) and moneymen arm-wresting with an Oscar-winning filmmaker (producer Martin Scorsese).
   101 Studios—which won an action for the movie after original home TWC collapsed—just set Oct. 4 for its cinema premiere. The PG-13-rated film was originally slated as a Thanksgiving release for 2017.
   101 Studios made a commitment for the movie to get wide theatrical release, or so-called “prints-and-advertising” support, according to a article by Mile Fleming Jr. “Former TWC CEO David Glasser and COO David Hutkin’s 101 Studios launched in January with $300 million in funding for film and RV projects,” says another article by Erik Pedersen. “The Current War is its inaugural release.
   The Current War stars Benedict Cumberbatch (as inventor Thomas Edison), Nicholas Hoult (inventor Nikola Tesla) and Michael Shannon (Tesla ally/industrialist George Westinghouse). Tesla/Westinghouse pushed their A/C technology to become today’s world electrical standard, pushing back Edison who promoted rival standard D/C.

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