Duchovny Fuss Derails Promo

    Aug 30, 2008 – The perils of associating marketing campaigns with mercurial Hollywood celebrities is evident at high-end clothing outfit Johnston & Murphy.
    The apparel retailer just launched a national print ad campaign (magazine and newspaper ads) with David Duchovny, who suddenly made news checking himself into a sex addiction rehab clinic.  Of course, he is star of the X-Files TV series and movie, and Californication (in which he portrays a sex obsessed writer). In a quick scramble after news broke, J&M stores and website yanked down Duchovny promotions.
    Controversial lifestyles are baggage that is carried along with most Hollywood talent promotions. Clothing outfit Dior found itself backpedaling from its celebrity endorser Sharon Stone when she was quoting linking China’s earthquake damage to its human rights record (see link below). Political activism is another potential turnoff to the consumer public.
    When the Duchovny promotion was announced, a J&M executive was quoted: “We’re thrilled to have David Duchovny as part of our ad campaign,” Jason Dasal, vp-marketing at Johnston & Murphy, Nashville, Tenn., said in a statement. “David embodies success and confidence, along with a great sense of style, communicating the ideal image for the Johnston & Murphy brand.”

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