Domestic Lands at End for 'Skyfall'

     Nov. 12, 2012-The latest James Bond film Skyfall opened to a boffo $88 million in weekend domestic box office its first weekend, and that sizeable figure comes after making its debut in other territories (countries) a bit earlier.
   “With international ticket sales a big chunk of Hollywood’s revenue, more films now play overseas first to take advantage of peak demand while building buzz in the U.S.,” says a Bloomberg News article published by the Washington Post. “Skyfall, the 23rd Bond, grossed $346.8 million in more than 80 countries before opening in the U.S. and Canada on Nov. 9.” 
    That’s pretty much the rest of the world coming ahead of the domestic market. But still most of these territories are clustered in a two weeks, it’s just for this particular film the domestic market is at the end of the tight cluster. There is a change afoot because 15 years ago the domestic market would lead the parade that was more spread out over the calendar. It was fairly unusual in 1997 that Japan and the United Kingdom premiered Titanic before the domestic market, but that marked the start of the domestic no longer being automatically in the lead.
     It is unusual for the domestic market (USA and Canada) to be toward the end of the global release pattern, but in the past 10 years the trend has been to mix up release patterns for each film.
      Says the Bloomberg article by Chris Palmeri and Andy Fixmer, “Historically, consumers outside the U.S. would wait months before seeing current releases, according to Robert Marich, author of the book Marketing to Moviegoers. Opening pictures widely overseas reduces the temptation for consumers to seek pirated versions, and takes advantage of film studio’s marketing campaigns that travel all over the world via the Internet, he said.   Another wrinkle is overseas territories embarked on movie theater rebuilding efforts in the 1990s that now bear fruit with higher box office than was possible two decades ago. For example, Battleship, a Universal Studios action film that was a flop domestically, grossed a sizeable $237 million internationally, according to

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