'Django' Slavery Action Figures Irk Activist

Update Jan says eBay banned re-sale of Django toys.
Update Jan 18-An Associated Press story reports Django Unchained distributor Weinstein Co. asked that these plastic action figures be discontinued because of protest. If so, we know what that means. The plastic action figures already sold will be very valuable....
By Robert Marich
   Jan. 8 2013-Django Unchained action figures are drawing criticism for satirizing America’s sensitive slavery era.
   An activist, who says he saw and liked the movie argues the plastic action figures are "a slap in the face of our ancestors," he tells the Associated Press. "We feel that it trivializes the horrors of slavery and what African Americans experienced."
   The plastic action figures, which reportedly are labeled as restricted to ages 17 and higher like the movie, are made by toy company NECA under license with Django’s film distributor The Weinstein Co. “Tarantino has had such figures made for all of his films, including his last, Inglourious Basterds,” says an Associated Press story. “That film, too, reveled in a revenge fantasy set in history — Nazi Germany.”
   The NECA plastic figures are eight inches high and poseable—meaning they are flexible so their stance can change. Six characters from Django, which is emerging as an R-rated violent hit at the box office, are made into figures “with tailored western clothing, authentic weapons and accessories, as well as a full apparel and accessories line,” says a NECA press release. (story continues after the photo below of Django action figures in boxes)
   The plastic action figures look like the actors, which apparently blessed the merchandising. When there’s no approval of actors, the clothing is accurate but faces of action figures are different from the actor in the movie.
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