Disney Rolls Upscale 'Oz' Merchandise

By Robert Marich
  Feb. 9 2013-Walt Disney Consumer Products is marketing designer products for Oz the Great and Powerful from CDI, Jem, Sue Wong, Joe Vilaiwan, Jerome C. Rousseau and Tollytots, which are a cut above normal movie merchandise. Walt Disney Studios is schedule to release the family movie Oz March 8; the movie is based on the literary work of the author of the Wizard of Oz.
    “From limited edition dresses and dolls to a high-end fashion line, we have developed an exciting collection of beautiful and unique products that is sure to delight fans of all ages,” Jonathan Symington, vice president of licensing for Disney Live Action Studios at Disney Consumer Products, says in a press release.
   The high end Oz merchandise includes $600 women shoes from designer Jerome Rousseau being sold in Bloomingdales and Saks Fifth Avenue. Disney stores have a limited edition costume gowns at $349.5-$399.50 based on wardrobe in the movie. Other merchandise includes the normal picture books, posters and stickers.
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below is  the Wicked Witch of the West Limited Edition Costume for Adults: