Disney Marketing Chief Discusses Going 'Rogue'

   Dec. 17, 2016-Hollywood Reporter trade newspaper profiles Walt Disney Studio’s head of marketing Ricky Strauss and conducts a question-and-answer, where he discusses the challenges in positioning Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.
   For this Star Wars film that is not in the direct line of “episodes,” the title sets the stage by being called a “story” and not an episode. “The
Disney went for a different 'feel' in marketing for Rogue One, while surrounding this Star Wars with familiar visuals

movie builds on the Star Wars legacy and mythology but has a different feel and complexion,” Strauss says. “In the marketing materials, there are no lightsabers, there are no droids and there is a brand-new group of actors. When you look at the outdoor campaign, the only thing you can see that is similar are Stormtroopers — but like you've never seen them before, standing on a beach. It's very clear that Rogue One isn't one of the episodic Star Wars films.”
  The interview, by THR’s Pamela McClintock, also touches on the upcoming live-action Beauty and the Beast, Doctor Strange, Moana and the next Pirates of the Caribbean.
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