Disney Battles 'Captain Marvel' Trolls

   March 10, 2019-Captain Marvel opens this weekend to blockbuster boxoffice, but Walt Disney Studios didn’t take any chances: the studio blunted anticipated bashing by online trolls. The online provocateurs were expected to knock star Brie Larson for her politics and also framing of a super-hero movie with a female hue.
   A Bloomberg News article by Anousha Sakoui says that “Larson faced questions over whether she was
Disney mounted pre-release publicity anticipating on-line bashing for Captain Marvel

brawny enough to playone of the most powerful characters in the Marvel universe. In a show of strength, she posted videos of her workouts on Instagram, including one where she pushed a 5,000-pound Jeep. Larson also didn’t shy away from the topic of female empowerment in interviews.”
   That and other pre-emptive initiatives to blunt trolls paved the way for a massive $153 million weekend premiere (March 8-10) for the Disney release of Captain Marvel.
   The Bloomberg articles describes trolls as “a relatively recent phenomenon, a loose organization of men dedicated to policing the culture” by posting comments and working social media.
   There were reports of angry fanboy attacks on another Disney release from its comic-book properties Black Panther though that black-centric movie proved a blockbuster. Hollywood’s push into diversity isn’t a sure-fire recipe because 2016 remake of Ghostbusters with a female cast proved to be a bust for Sony Pictures.
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