Director Laments 'Terminator' Trailer Tells Too Much

   July 1, 2015—The director of Terminator: Genisys feels that the sci-fi movie’s trailers revealed too much, in a rare public airing of common behind-the-scenes tensions over marketing decisions. In an Uproxx Movies story by Mike Ryan, director Alan Taylor laments the trailers contained too many plot spoilers in conveying that Terminator: Genisys is an original story, and thus more than just a remake.
   “I think they felt like they had to send a strong message to a very wary audience that there was something new, that this was going
the final poster of Terminator: Genisys

to new territory,” Taylor is quoted. “I think they felt they had to do something game-changing in how the film was being perceived.”
   “Tell all trailers” are a fact of life in movie marketing. “Decades ago, trailers emphasized mystery. In fact, they intentionally were not explicit about a film’s ending,” says the third edition of Marketing To Moviegoers. “But the trailers with the comprehensive approach tend to score better in audience testing today, which is one reason that the tell-all approach is popular for hard-to-sell films that struggle in consumer-research evaluations.”
   Paramount Pictures premieres the PG-13 sci-fi actioner today.
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