'Deadpool 2' Humor Shines in 7-Eleven promo

   May 6, 2018-20th Century Fox’s Deadpool 2 mounts a fun, bouncy tie-in promotion with the 7-Eleven convenience stores—which number 9,700 stores in the United States and Canada. I saw a humorous in-cinema advertisement where the Deadpool character interacts with 7-Eleven cashiers in a mischieveous, droll manner.
   The store chain wants customers to use their 7-Eleven rewards apps (if not already on a smart phone this is a reason to download!). There 
7-Eleven urgers customers to collect different cups in the Deadpool 2 promotion

are the obligatory plastic cups emblazoned with the movie art. And, finally, there is a sweepstakes with trips as prizes.
   An advantage of superhero movies is the costumed character can easily be inserted into promotions like this, since the likeness of Deadpool 2 star Ryan Reynolds isn't visible. Movie makers and promo partners can just use a double actor in costume. "A frequent sticking point in tie-in promotions is whether star actors will allow use of their likenesses, which cement the connection in the public’s mind between consumer goods and a movie," notes the third edition of Marketing To Moviegoers.
   Deadpool 2 premieres May 18 in the U.S./Canada and I can’t believe at this point the movie is not-yet-rated for audience classification. The first Deadpool, which was R-rated, is based on Marvel-comic themed property and was a surprise blockbuster grossing $363 million domestically in 2016.
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