'Deadpool 2' Gets Buzz With Good Test Screenings

   March 25, 2018—It’s rare for Hollywood studios to reveal anything about test screenings but a Hollywood Reporter story provides upbeat information about Deadpool 2, the 20th Century Fox comic-book caper set for May 18 premiere. The story suggests its information is unauthorized but it’s all good news. So perhaps Fox assisted to try to create a good buzz from reactions from Deadpool 2’s private pre-release screenings
   “The Ryan Reynolds-fronted sequel has been tested three times, with the scores for the first two screenings coming in at 91 and 97,” says the THR story by Ryan Parker. “The final test, which occured
Deadpool 2 Gets A Lift From Pre-release Test Screenings

in Dallas, tested two separate cuts simultaneously, which scored a 98 and a 94. The 98-scoring cut is the version the team is using, a source with direct knowledge told THR.”
 That supposedly tops the 91 score for the original Deadpool, which was a surprise blockbuster in 2016.
   “Deadpool 2 underwent reshoots — six days' worth last month in Vancouver — to add more of what test screening audiences enjoyed,” adds the THR article. “That's three days fewer than those done for 2016's Deadpool. There was also two hours' worth of work recently in Los Angeles for a secret cameo.”
   Says the third edition of book Marketing To Moviegoers: “The only significant way research shapes the final film is via test screenings of finished films before a recruited audience. If the test audience is dissatisfied or confused about parts of films that can be tweaked, filmmakers may try to reshape a film by enhancing narration or recutting or adding existing footage or by inserting newly filmed footage.”
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