Corporate Groupies Reach For Oscar Glow

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By Robert Marich
  Feb. 23, 2013-With the Oscar telecast tomorrow, let’s look at some of the many marketers that attach themselves to the awards without an official affiliation.
   “This year’s Oscar Celebrity Gifting Suite will be held at an undisclosed location in Beverly Hills,” says an enthusiastic press release for Inance skin care products. “Many celebrities have been waiting for this chance to sample all of Inance Skin cares latest break through products.”
   Oooh. Aaah!
   The Inance press release continues, “A well-known agent to the stars said, ‘Inance Skin care is unique and brilliant. I told all my celebrity clients that Inance was going to be there and will be included in the celebrity gift bags and now they all want to attend. Inance is making my job easy.’”
   Yes, yes, feel the sheen from all those glittering stars!
   “After sipping and primping in the luxurious tropical retreat,” says a PR for Amenity Services Inc. for what apparently is another celebrity gift lounge, “guests will meet a bevy of Beauty and Brains from an Internship Program receiving much buzz out of The OC, Fashionomics LIVE!... An event so exclusive, the Beverly Hills location is being kept confidential so the attendees can enjoy the exclusivity of this by invitation only event!”
   I must confess I'm worried that Beverly Hills will collapse from the weight of al those confidential gift suites popping up this time of year.  
   Elsewhere, there are these stretches to catch the Oscar glow:
   * Magisto software enables making of home movies with smart phones that is “just in time for the Oscars.”
   * The American Humane Society, which does provide certification to movies that animals weren’t hurt in production, issued an “animal-centric take” on the Oscars via a PR.
   *An Answer Financial PR outlines cars used by stars.
   * A PR from discusses destinations seen in movies, as it discreetly points out that “Hollywood is preparing for the biggest awards show of the season this week.”
   * Mont Blanc luxury goods (bags, etc.) touts its participation at a United Nation's UNICEF luncheon at the "iconic Bel Air Hotel" with actress Hillary Swank "on the day before the Oscars."
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* The Paper Mills Playhouse in Milburrn, NJ, issued a PR that it is “proud that our own Anne Hathaway won an Oscar last night.” Hathaway grew up in the area and performed on the playhouse’s stage.
* Anna Hu Haute Joaillerie touted Natalie Portman wore one of its gowns at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. 
  As for official sponsors, they include Epson (computer printers), Pentel (writing pens), Sterling Vinyards (wine), Hyundai (cars on the ABC Television telecast) and People magazine.
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Natalie Portman wears wears Anna Hu Haute Joaillerie gown at the Oscars.