Comic Lampoons 'Star Wars' in Mag Cover Photo

July 18, 2015—Most magazine covers with Star Wars are flattering, but comedienne Amy Schumer appears in a salacious photo for GQ magazine. The GQ cover shows Shumer sucking on the finger of the famous CP30 robot.  Other photos have Schumer--who is

Sucking a robot's finger is not exactly copasetic with Star Wars brand image

costumed as an over-sexed Princess Leia--in bed with Star Wars icon elements.
   News reports indicate Lucasfilm and Walt Disney Co. did not approve of presenting their Star Wars property in such an irreverent light.
   Schumer, who is a TV star on basic cable TV network Comedy Central, kicks off her theatrical acting career as a star in bawdy gal comedy Trainwreck, which Universal Pictures is releasing this weekend. Trainwreck is R-rated, so Schumer buffs her raunchy side lampooning Star Wars in promoting her film.
   Copyrighted materials can be photographed without permission for editorial use in a news context—and a magazine cover is just that.
However, owners of copyrighted materials can assert rights if used in products of third parties, such as displays, in non-news TV shows and in movies.
  Star Wars is used on lots of magazine covers with approval, such as the Fortune magazine cover below.
Disney corporate chief Bob Iger stars in this Star Wars-themed Fortune magazine cover
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