Comic-book Super-hero Brawl At Cinemas

     May 6, 2011—If all the movies based on superhuman comic book characters got into one big fight, who would win? TheStreet investment website says “their marketing partners.” Outfits like Burger King, 7-Eleven convenience stores,Audi cars and Dr. Pepper-Snapple beverages.
   “Including the film adaptations of Tokyopop's Korean comic Priest next week and Platinum Comics' Cowboys vs. Aliens slated for July, there are six potential comic book movie blockbusters on the slate for late spring and early summer of this year -- seven if you count the latest installment of a Transformers franchise that hasn't been considered a hot comic property since the Reagan administration,” Jason Notte writes in TheStreet. Next up is Thor from Paramount and then X-Men: First Class June 3 from 20th Century Fox.
   Honda’s Accura, Dr. Pepper and Visa credit cards are on board as Thor promo partners. “When your strongest weapon has a name like Mjolnir, it might be best to introduce yourself to audiences early,” says TheStreet article. “The marketing for Thor started at the tail end of Iron Man 2, when a scene after the credits featured a secret government organization coming across what looked like Thor’s hammer. From there, Thor was introduced to America in just about the broadest way possible: Through a $3 million, 30-second ad during Super Bowl XLV.”
   Meanwhile, the marketing push for X-Men: First Class is being held back, which Notte thinks will hurt its box office. “The problem is that Marvel’s treated this film like its redheaded stepchild almost from the jump, preferring to keep its marketing and publicity behind Thor and the upcoming Captain America to the point that those two films share many of the same sponsors,” says the article. “In contrast to Thor, whose first theatrical trailers appeared in December, X-Men: First Clas’' Web teaser didn't appear until February and its full trailers didn’t crop up until the end of April.”
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