Colleges Pile Into 'Study-In-Hollywood' Programs

   March 18, 2020—More than a dozen out-of-state colleges and universities set up study-in-Los Angeles programs to plug their students directly into the Hollywood eco-system, says an article in the Los Angeles Business Journal weekly newspaper.
   “These satellite campuses are expanding in size and in the scope of their studies,” says the LABJ article by Robert Marich, who is author
Hollywood's peculiar creative process and insular nature can't be cracked from distant classrooms

of the book Marketing To Moviegoers. “No longer simply transplanting courses from their out-of-state mothership schools, some offer only-in-L.A. course work. Further, after originally importing only film and television media studies students, these programs increasingly include students majoring in arts; business; finance; design; marketing; and communications, such as digital media and journalism, say educators.”
   A big part of these study-in-Hollywood programs are internships with local businesses, which plug students into real-world business environments. There is also class work typically held in commercial office space converted to class rooms or offices on Hollywood studio lots. Emerson College in Boston is the most conspicuous with a purpose-built, 10-story building on Sunset Blvd. that provides classroom, living-quarters dormitory and space rented to other schools.
  Among the schools with study-in-Hollywood programs are Arizona State University, Chicago’s DePaul University, New York University and Syracuse University in New York. Schools and students are a growing force in recent years.
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