Coke Promo Bottles Agent 007

By Robert Marich

Sept. 6, 2008 -- Coca-Cola launched a worldwide promotion for the next James Bond films, in the beverage giant’s first big film promotion hookup since the first Harry Potter movie in 2001. Sony Pictures will release the 007 spy actioner Quantum of Solace on Nov. 14 in the U.S., but earlier overseas including Oct. 31 in the United Kingdom.

News reports in the UK put Coke’s outlay for film advertising at $10 million. All told, Quantum of Solace has about $100 million in third party advertising from tie-ins with Activision video games, Bollinger champagne, Ford Motor Co., Heineken beer, Omega time pieces, Smirnoff vodka, Virgin Atlantic airline, Sony Ericsson cell phones and Sony Electronics. The latter two are sister companies of Sony Pictures.

Film star Daniel Craig won’t be pictured swilling Coke in the film, but his silhouette will be shown in Coke ads. The product is seen in the background of the movie.

In 20 countries, the Coke Zero brand will be packaged as "Zero Zero 7” with a redesigned bottle in a limited edition. This will be a consumer collectible. The bottle’s design draws from the iconic 007 opening with the eye-ball iris from which swirls emanate.
News of the Coke tie-in broke in UK media, which poked some fun saying that James Bond is turning in his signature martini for a soft drink. Quantum of Solace is the 22nd James Bond film.

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