Cheeky 'Deadpool 2' Campaign Turns Heads

May 17, 2018- Deadpool 2’s marketing campaign that is loaded with “dark humor, inside jokes, (and) jabs at 20th Century Fox” gets a comprehensive view from Chris Thilk in Hollywood Reporter. The Fox sequel to a 2016 sleeper hit opens tomorrow and Deadpool 2 is R-rated.
   The analysis provides the arc of trailers: “No Good Deed” teaser (25.8 million views) on star Ryan Reynolds’ YouTube channel
7-Eleven stores plaster Deadpool 2 on drink cups

on March 4, 2017, “Wet on Wet” teaser (17.5 million views)  in Nov. 2017, “Deadpool, Meet Cable (22.5 million views),  and “Deadpool 2 | The Trailer (33.1 million views).Tie-in promotion partners include 7-Eleven convenience stores, Devour frozen foods, Espolòn tequila, Mike’s Harder beverages and Trolli candy.
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