Celebrity Twitter Headaches

By Robert Marich
   April 18, 2011-Hollywood talent finds digital media an opportunity to make money building a following but it’s also a risk if communications tools such as Twitter broadcast misfires, says a New York Times article.
   “In the new era of social media, any celebrity with a half-baked idea and a laptop — or any fan with a cellphone camera — can quickly undo years of careful image crafting,” says the article by Laura Holson. “And many publicists (and their studio overlords) demand that clients refrain not only from talking to reporters, but also from posting anything on personal sites or blogs that could jeopardize their projects… With easy access to democratizing social media, celebrities’ most dangerous enemies may no longer be the paparazzi or sites like TMZ, but themselves.”
   A career is built on a certain public perception notes veteran film publicist Terry Press, who adds “there is no advantage in showing people the reality is different.”
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