Canada's Cineplex circuit embraces VR diversification

By Robert Marich
   July 11, 2018—Dominant Canadian cinema circuit Cineplex says it will roll out The Void-branded virtual reality “across Canada” after testing the concept in its The Rec Room mixed entertainment facility in downtown Toronto.
   “By combining state-of-the-art VR technology, physical stages and multi-sensory effects including touch and smell, The VOID invites
The Void provides high-end location-based entertainment for cinemas

fans to a social activity to enjoy with friends and family and become active participants in a new hyper-reality,” says a Cineplex press release. “The initial plan is to open a minimum of five VOID Experience Centers over the coming years, both inside and outside of Cineplex operated properties.”
   I’ve expected exhibitors to hedge their bets on movies, since the window between theatrical and video-on-demand narrows. VR is attractive because it is a “wow” experience and home equipment is expected to be less competitive to what theaters can present. There’s also fit in content because some of the VR experiences from The Void are based on Star Wars and Ghostbusters movie franchises.
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