Canada Mints 'Star Trek' Coins

   June 2, 2016-Canada’s government mint is producing several silver and one gold coin celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Star Trek sci-fi TV/movie series and its star William Shatner, who is Canadian. This is an example of movie merchandise keeping a franchise going
The Canadian mint salutes Star Trek with commemorative coins

and also prestige given a government agency is involved. The U.S. and Canada postal services and mints have sold stamps and coins with movie stars and movie themes over the years.
   For the Star Trek coins, the one-ounce silver coins retail for C$30-50. The spot price for silver is US$17, but of course the coins from the Royal Canadian Mint have added value as manufactured products in attractive display holders.
   “The program features four Proof half-ounce character and technology silver $10 coins, three Proof 1-ounce silver $20 coins honoring famous episodes, and one gold $200 coin with a
Here is the Canadian Star Trek coin in gold, which has an unusual shape

unique shape,” says a Coin World magazine article. The face values ($10, $20 and $200) are not particularly relevant because these are conceived as collectables, though they are legal tender. Since they come from a government mint, counterfeiting is a serious crime.
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