Blacks & Youth Audiences Lead Moviegoing

March 26, 2017—A 32-page report about global movie-going by the major-studio trade group MPAA reveals the number of cinema screens grew by 6% in 2016 and screen count rose 8% to 164,000.
    The Theatrical Marketing Statistics 2016 report from the Motion Picture Assn. of America also provides a snapshot look at movie

Per Capita Attendance by Age/USA & Canada

Ages 18-24 = 6.5

Ages 12-17 = 6.1

Ages 25-39 = 4.3

Ages 2-11   = 3.3

Ages 40-49 = 3.3

Ages 50-59 = 3.2

Ages 60+    = 2.3

Source: MPAA

Explanation: Ages 18-24 average 6.5 cinema admissions per year and ages 60-and-older just 2.3 cinema admissions in a year.

attendence in the domestic market (USA and Canada) where younger people remain heavy moviegoers (see table). Also, blacks and Asians registered gains in per-capital cinema-going, while Hispanics declined and whites were fairly stable. Those are demos, or demographics, which slice and dice human populations by various characteristics.
    Heavy moviegoers of any age, defined as buying a movie ticket at least six times a year, account for just 11% of the population but 48% of all movie tickets sold.
   The first snapshot figure released a week earlier says global boxoffice edged up one percent in 2016 to $38.6 billion, and that gain was held down by converting foreign currencies into the strengthening US dollar.
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