'Battleship' Docks Viggle Loyalty Program

   May 10 2012—TV loyalty program service Viggle landed its first theatrical film—Universal Pictures’ Battleship, according to Variety. Viggle provides prizes to those who view specific TV and video programs sponsored by advertisers.
   The prize offered to Viggle users who view Battleship materials is free tickets via online ticketer Fandango for the premiere of the movie, says the Variety article by Andrew Wallenstein. The movie opens May 18.
   Viggle is part of Function(x), which is a company founded by media tycoon Robert F.X. Sillerman, whose background includes ownership of radio stations. Viggle has mounted loyalty programs previously with Verizon, Gatorade, Burger King and Capital One.
   “We’re eager to demonstrate the true power for Viggle to drive tickets and box office,” said Kevin Arrix, chief revenue officer at Viggle.
   Theater circuits offer loyalty programs of their own, typically with benefits for discounted tickets and food/beverages, though the Viggle effort breaks new ground. Film distributors have tried loyalty programs in the past, though none has been a major success.
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