Award Screener Piracy Subdued So Far

   Jan. 18, 2017—DVDs of current movies sent to movie awards voters are popping up unauthorized online in what is an annual headache attached to the Oscar season, notes an article on The Verge by James Vincent. Those DVDs that are sent to industry insiders are known as screeners.
    The Verge articles the screeners piracy level is down this year, compared epidemic proportions last year, perhaps due to increased policing by film distributors. In this year's sudued piracy, the most popular movie are Arrival, La La Land, Moonlight and Patriots Day.
   Says the third edition of Marketing To Moviegoers: “Film distributors issue videos—DVDs or downloads to devices from the closedecosystem iTunes store—to voters for the Oscars and other awards to ensure their films are seen and, thus, considered.” The leaks usually are traced to insiders—either recipeient award voters or workers in the legitimate screener ecosystem.
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