'Avengers' Contest Touts Motorcycles

   Feb 16, 2012-Harley Davidson Motorcycles partners with Marvel comics for a contest giving motorcycles as prizes connected to the May 4 release of Marvel’s The Avengers.
   In what is billed as the Assemble Your Freedom contest, entrants register on a Harley website and describe in text what is their ideal for a customized motorcycle. In a bit of humor, a check box on the entry website says “Only Heroes Need Apply.” The contest runs until July 1, which is a little odd because that’s well after the theatrical premiere.
   In any case, five bikes will be given away as prizes to this judged contest—it’s not a drawing of chance—that will be configured to match the descriptions in winning essays. Interestingly, Harley is giving extra weight to entries from military personnel—presumably figuring they are prime prospects for motorcycles given most are young males and active military lifestyles. This same demo is also a good prospect for the movie. Bingo! That makes for a natural promotional alliance.
   Walt Disney Studios distributes the live-action super hero film—which is not yet rated—that stars Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson Tommy Lee Jones, Samuel L. Jackson and Chris Evans. It’s a sequel to Captain America: The  First Avengers that Paramount released to $176.6 million in domestic box office last summer. The earlier film was rated PG-13. Walt Disney Co. owns Marvel.
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