Atom Tix Markets Cinema App

LATE ADDITION: Los Angeles Times article link inserted July 3
  June 28, 2016—A movie ticket app Atom Tickets is rolling into the marketplace, promising to be national by end-summer. A press release announces the app is live in Atlanta, Southern California, and Nashville in partnerships with AMC Entertainment and Regal Cinema, which are two of the nation’s largest circuits.
   “The new platform helps consumers check show times, quickly and easily connect with friends, order tickets and even pre-pay for
concession items with just a few taps,” says an Atom press release. “Moviegoers may then invite friends (via Facebook or their contact lists) to purchase their own tickets to join them. Atom Tickets enables seamless ordering of tickets and concessions from any Android or iOS phone. At the theater, consumers go directly to the ushers and concession counters, where they simply scan a QR code at tablet kiosks. Paper tickets and IOUs have been replaced.”
  Executives at the Santa Monica, CA-based Atom Tickets have entertainment industry experience. They include co-founder Matthew Bakal (Warner Bros. Lionsgate, and Mandate Pictures),  co-founder Geoff Schaevitz (Warner Bros. and Summit Entertainment), PR head Shannon Miller (music industry jobs), head of operations Steve Joudi (concert promoter AEG) and head of legal Nick Geller (AEG too). Atom executives in tech jobs have worked at Amazon.
  Apps, which is the abbreviation for applications that are shortcuts to websites and size them for consumer devices, are regular elements of movie campaigns for several years, as the link below for 2014’s The Giver indicates.
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