Assessing 'Knight' Shooting Fallout

   July 27, 2012- Moviegoers seem not to blame Dark Knight Rises for the shooting death of 12 persons by a disturbed man obsessed with being The Joker character in the movie, though the ultimate fallout remains to be seen.
   The horrific tragedy is sparking a discussion of gun control, but curiously only minor complaints about violence in movies and the industry issue of theater security. The absence of decrying screen violence is a recognition that Dark Knight Rises is obviously fantasy with a cartoonish quality. Everything from Looney Tunes animation to Shakespeare is rife with some violence.
   The Eonline article by Joal Ryan points out that Dark Knight Rises posted a mammoth $161m three-day premiere weekend, despite coming days after the shooting at a midnight premiere. “The precise impact of the July 20 shooting at a theater in Aurora, Colo., on the Dark Knight Rises’ box office is unknown, although the film, which posted a $161 million debut, came in anywhere from $15 million to $30 million lower than popular opening-weekend estimates,” says the article. The article quotes Marketing to Moviegoers author Robert Marich saying that box office is a small slice of any movies economic profile, because the big money is made in DVDs, TV rights and video-on-demand.
   Dark Knight Rises distributor Warner Bros. suspended further TV ads for the movie, cancelled media appearances of the film’s stars and pulled trailers for studio’s Gangster Squad.

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