'Aquaman' Makes Splash with Character-specific Posters

   Nov. 10, 2018-Here’s an attention-getting assortment of character-specific movie posters for Aquaman, which Warner Bros. Pictures yarn Dec. 21. The sci-fi yarn is rated PG-13.
   “With the release of James Wan’s Aquaman a little over a month way, Warner Bros. has decided that it’s time for audiences to start familiarizing themselves with the main

Queen Atlanna gets solo star treatment in a poster series highlighting each Aquaman character

players in the underwater drama,” writes Graeme McMillan for The Hollywood Reporter.
   The Aquaman characters are colorful and eye-catching, so all that’s needed is marketing oomph to get the images in front of the public in paid advertising and publicity to create awareness. The one-each presentation of characters individually is far superior to a aggregation (that is called a mosaic approach), which comes across as a mish-mash. The series of inter-connected characters getting solo treatment is also called a gallery approach.

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