Analyzing Soft 'Deepwater' Opening

By Robert Marich
   Oct. 4, 2016-Lionsgate’s big budget oil-well disaster movie Deepwater Horizon is perceived as a box office disappointment with $20.7 million in domestic gross its opening weekend on a net budget of $110-120 million. An analysis by Hollywood Reporter’s Pamela McClintock suggests that the disaster drama is

Independent Lionsgate stumbled with major-studio-calibre Deepwater Horizon

just too costly given its limited appeal to just adults. Other adult-appeal dramas get made for half that amount.
  Mark Wahlberg stars in the Lions Gate release that opened Sept. 30.
  Did Lionsgate –the independent film distributor—spend enough given Deepwater carried a major-studio-scale price tag?
   The Hollywood Reporter story says “the independent studio spent more than it usually does on marketing — roughly more than $40 million,” which if true is about 20% less than a major studio campaign. Deepwater did rank #1 in theatrical spending for two weeks prior to its release. The film did get high marks from moviegoers in exit surveys, so it may yet rally.
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