ABC TV Extends Oscar Telecasts to 2028

   August 31, 2016-ABC Television expanded its contract to broadcast the Oscars to the year 2028 and that telecast is a money machine grossing an estimated $70 million-plus. So the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences pockets tens of millions of dollars in rights fees from ABC Television.
   ABC’s contract was scheduled to expire in 2020; the TV broadcaster that is owned by Walt Disney Co. has televised the motion picture
In advertising circles, the Oscars telecast is coveted for its concentration of women viewers

awards over 50 times (and continuously since 1976). “The full telecast grosses about $70 million to 80 million from advertising,” says the third edition of book Marketing To Moviegoers. “The Oscars TV fee is the main funder of the not-for-profit AMPAS budget. The lesser Golden Globes awards telecast alone generates around $27 million in gross advertising.”
   Given audiences delay viewing to watch shows on recorders or catch up with digital streams, advertisers place a premium on live events such as awards shows and sports. Oscar ratings have eroded over the years, but that’s a trend experienced across all TV because the digital revolution fragments viewing. The female audience is the big draw for Oscars, attracted by glamour and fashion.
   The first Academy Awards telecast was in 1953 by NBC Television; however, ABC will hold the rights when the Oscar awards celebrates its centenial in 2028, which is the last year of the just-extended ABC television rights contract.
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