8 Pricey Movie Commercials Pop In Super Bowl

By Robert Marich
   Feb. 5, 2018-Movie commercials stake out a big chunk of pricey Super Bowl advertising with eight films getting the reported $5 million per 30-second exposure. At the same time, other media such as TV series also jumped on TV’s biggest advertising platform.
   Typically, four to eight movie ads appear, so 2018 is at the high-end of the normal range. Professional football's championship game delivers a huge male audience on an efficient cost-per-thousand viewers basis and the commecials get additional viewership online.
   NBC Television’s telecast averaged 103.4 million viewers—making it TV’s biggest event—although that viewership is off 7% from last year and the lowest since 2009. The audience rose to 106 million including streaming.
   Movie commercials in the big game were Walt Disney Studios’Marvel Avengers: Infinity War and Solo: A Star Wars Story; Lexus car’s for Disney theatrical Black Panther; Paramount’s Mission: Impossible—Fallout and A Quiet Place; 20th Century Fox’s Red Sparrow (pre-game); Universal Pictures Skyscraper and Universal Pictures Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (pre-game). So two spots were in cheaper pre-game slots and two came from Comcast-owned Universal Pictures, which is a corporate sibling of NBC. I’m counting Black Panther as a movie ad even though it’s in a Lexus product placement for the movie.
   The highest ranked of the eight movie spots is #26 for Solo: A Star Wars Story, according to USA Today's Ad Meter that listed 65 Super Bowl ads. Movie ads seldom top the lists of most memorable commercials because they are compilation of scenes, not all-new content like most other ads.
   Media products on display include the Amazon Echo, Amazon Prime TV series Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, online platform Blacture, HBO’s Westworld: Season Two, Hulu’s Castle Rock, Netflix TV series The Cloverfield Paradox, YouTube’s Shows You Love, and USA Networks limited series 20 Years. No Justice.
   Also, a Jeep automotive commercial tied to Jurassic World, Pepsi revived its futuristic product placement in the original Back to the Future, and Australia tourism conjured up Crocodile Dundee—established movie brands.
   This rundown excludes commercials from NBC’s corporate siblings in Comcast. Universal Parks & Resorts and a raft of NBC TV series promos.
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