007 Film Flies High In Product Plugs

By Robert Marich
   Sept 30, 2008 – British newspaper The Independent claims the next James Bond film is collecting gobs of cash for product placement—displaying branded products prominently in the film itself in a good light and other tie-ins. Though the amounts of money seem high, the story catalogs an impressive list of deals.
   In product placement, most deals are for production services and brands plugging movies in their ads, and thus no money changing hands, although James Bond franchise is perhaps a special case.
   For the next Bond film, The Independent says the most interesting tie-up is with Ocean Sky private jet service. Ocean Sky is seen eight times in the film Quantum of Solace that premieres Nov. 14 in the U.S. Sony/Columbia distributes the PG-13 release. Ocean Sky provided valuable transportation to production of the film in exchange for the plugs.
    “Although the film's producers, Eon, are tight-lipped about exactly who pays what for the Bond endorsements the list of confirmed products to feature in the new film includes Heineken, Virgin Atlantic, Coca-Cola, Smirnoff, and of course, Ford, Omega, Sony and Aston Martin,” says the article by Mark Hughes.
   The article continues that 2002’s Die Another Day contained so many products and brands that it critics called it Buy Another Day, asserting that 20 companies are thought to have paid £44m for product placement or use of Bond elements in their advertising. The product placement windfall declined to six companies paying an estimated £36m in 2006’s Casino Royale.
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