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An extensive glossary is part of "Marketing to Moviegoers" and this is an excerpt.
quads (from quadrants). In movie research, a standard presentation of results dividing the audience into four groups: male, female, ages twenty-five and older, and under age twenty-five
qualitative research. Relatively unstructured research where feedback from small focus groups is open to subjective interpretations; tends to be exploratory; findings from its tiny samples shouldn’t be statistically projected to a larger audience. See also quantitative research
quantitative research. Findings acquired systematically in a uniform way from all respondents and can be boiled down to numeric values and projected to a larger population. See also qualitative research
reach. In advertising buying, percentage of households or population in a target that see an advertisement at least once in a measurement period; each household or person counted only once, which prevents double counting; expresses breadth of coverage of a target audience. Also called cume
red-band trailer or red-band preview. Movie trailer for age-restricted audiences, such as R-rated films; name comes from red background at start. See also greenband trailer
rent-a-distributor. Theatrical distribution method where a film’s producers or related party agrees to cover all out-of-pocket expenses, such as prints and advertising, incurred by a distribution company in exchange for a low distribution fee; rare arrangement because distributors typically want lucrative video and television rights as well
rental or film rental. Payment that film distributors receive from a movie theater for rights to a movie; excludes portion of box office kept by theaters
rich media. Ads in website advertising that users can interact with, usually having elements such as movement, sound, video, and enlargement capability; more elaborate than standard flash ads
roadblock advertising. Placing the same television commercial on multiple television channels at the same time
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